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We are a craft collective

SAL+Co is a collective of craft art with that creates and produce products in waves. We’ve done leatherwork, furniture, textiles and other unique design pieces. We produce objects in small and limited batches, manually, enjoying every detail of the creative process.  SAL+Co is an outlet for our creativity shaped by years of experience in product design, technology and life.

Our products are created with a minimal possible impact on the environment. Every piece uniquely embraces marks and bruises as badges of honor, typical of natural materials.

We recently embarked on a journey of surfing. Bodysurfing to be more specific. Using raw wood planks, we sweat the details on shaping little magic handboards that can help you catch waves on its most primate form. You can also use these little boards as decoration pieces, hanging them on the wall or leaving over that beautiful coffee table book. 


Handplanes for surfers

Our boards are hand shaped on premium hard and soft wood, with experience on shaping real surfboards and woodworking. Each shape design are inspired on a type of Brazilian fish — usually named after indigenous expressions — and are finished with bees wax and natural walnut oil when used for decoration.
Boards that are intended to be used for bodysurfing are sealed with a number of polyurethane coats and have a central hole to fit surfer’s hand while catching waves. We decided to avoid traditional Nylon and polypropylene straps and use the most simple solution for bodysurfing. We also added a simple wrist cord that can be removed if you like. They are presented on a wide range of shapes and sizes for all levels and styles.


And for Designers

We figured that most of our clients are interested in using these little sculptures as decoration pieces. They look great when combined in sets of three or more. They can be used as part of a wall gallery or as part of a composition of other objects to add character to a surf shack style decor.
These boards are not water sealed but are treated with natural oils to condition the wood with a beautiful silky finish. All products come with a little kit that helps you hang them on the wall with a simple nail without damaging the board.


We produce boards in small batches. 
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